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Chrissy Photo RGB  Hi, I’m Chrissy. 

Welcome to my blog! Here you will find printables, easy & delicious recipes, and tips for making the holidays, and life in general,  a little more colorful and fun.

About Me

I am a chocolate lover, a book reader, and a yard sale shopper. I love finding bargains and always get excited when I find a good deal at a yard sale or thrift store.  I also love Photoshop. I started playing with Photoshop Elements about 8 years ago and now I use Photoshop almost every day. I love the journey of creating something that wasn’t there before and I am excited to share my creations with you!

My husband and I have three adorable girls and we are adoptive parents. We adopted our oldest and three months later were surprised to discover I was pregnant. Three years after our second daughter was born, we had the wonderful opportunity to adopt again.  We are amazed at how our family came together and we are blessed to have each other. (I wrote a little bit about our adoption story here.)

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Why Teepee Girl?

Great question! This is a fun story that began nearly 40 years ago.

In the 70’s my dad was a hippie man’s man. He worked long hours at an oil refinery in a small town and spent his time off relaxing in his luxurious…teepee. He discovered teepees earlier while working in Canada after graduating high school and, in his practical male mind, they were his first choice of lodging due their portability and low price tag. Not wanting to miss out on a deal, my dad purchased his teepee and “built” it on his own piece of land.

While working at the refinery he met an unlikely coworker, a beautiful woman who was my mother. They started dating, fell in love, and got married. My dad carried my mom across the dirt threshold of their beautiful first “home” and my mom started decorating the teepee.

Teepee_edited-1    dad and mom in cabin

Not wasting any time, after the wedding, my mom got pregnant with my older brother and I was born almost a year after him. While most mothers worry about colic or vaccination schedules, my mom was worried about bears breaking into their secure abode and eating her children. As I have already mentioned, my dad was a reasonable man, so right after my mom got pregnant he started upgrading their dwelling to four walls and a wood stove. It was enormous with dimensions measuring 8 feet x 20 feet. Now my mom had everything needed: four walls, a bed, a sink, and a wood stove. Electricity and running water would have to wait another 8 years so that meant no microwave, fridge, TV, radio, bathtub, or other frivolities. The outhouse and creek met their needs just fine.

This is me in nature, I lived in nature, I no longer like nature. I’m told yellow was my favorite color, but now I know yellow is a gender neutral color. I can’t help thinking the choice of color was to more easily spot my location. It’s a color that still looks good on me today, if I say so myself.

Baby Chrissy_edited-1

Baby Chrissy 2 001_edited-1

I digress, back to the story.

I am the second of six children. My parents had five of us while living off the land in Wyoming. As the family grew, my dad continued to upgrade the extravagant cabin. One room turned into two bedrooms and a living room, but we never upgraded to running water or electricity. That’s not entirely true, eventually, my dad installed a windmill and generator, so we were able to have some lights occasionally. What stands out most to me are memories of kerosene lamps and that stinky outhouse. I still loathe outhouses to this day. I can’t even look at them.

My parents worked hard on that land. We ate meat that my dad hunted and brought home. We had a big garden that fed us in the summer, but also in the winter because my mom canned. I must mention that canning in the best situation is not an easy task and unfathomable without running water. My mom is a true hero.

baby pic in the cabin

As a child, I didn’t realize that the way we were living so was different from everybody else. I remember going into town and experiencing amazing, wondrous things like television and bathrooms with toilets that flush! When I was about 8 years old, the oil refinery shut down and we moved to another state and moved into a real home in a real town. I remember going into our home on the first night and flushing the toilet and turning on the bathtub and thinking how awesome our bathroom was! It’s a novelty I still appreciate today.

Pioneer Day, Ben's Wedding 438 copy

Sadly, my parents recently divorced. My mom is currently living with us and my dad is in the Midwest. Upon meeting them, you would never guess that they once lived in a teepee in the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming. We often talk of that teepee and the land where our lives began. The teepee remained on the land for a time after we built our cabin, but now it rests in a museum. I don’t think people would ever guess how awesome its original occupants were.

I am grateful for my past. I am grateful to know that my parents loved the land and knew how to take care of our family without modern conveniences. Self-reliance has been ingrained in me since the day I was born, but I gotta say that I love my modern life! Today I live in a nice, quiet neighbor in Utah and enjoy all of the modern appliances around me that operate on an endless supply of electricity. I especially love my hot showers, dishwasher, and my washer and dryer (how did my mom ever survive potty training five kids without running water or a washing machine!). Whenever I go camping for the weekend, I marvel at how my parents were able to function like that for ten years. It was a lot of work, but they don’t regret it and neither do I.

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