Free 2017 Primary Poster Printables

Grab these free 2017 LDS primary poster printables from

The 2017 LDS primary theme is “Choose the Right.”

**Update December 2016-Thanks to a lovely reader, Mary J., we also now have the monthly theme posters to accompany my scripture posters! Thanks, Mary!! 

These free posters feature all the monthly scriptures, and match my theme posters.  They are sized 11×14, but they also print nicely on standard sized paper or cardstock (8.5×11).

Grab these free 2017 LDS primary poster printables from

I love all the bright colors. My hope is that they add brightness and cheer to your space.

Grab these free 2017 LDS primary poster printables from

I know holidays are also important to kids, so I tried to make the colors seasonal. Just for fun.

Grab these free 2017 LDS primary poster printables from

Grab these free 2017 LDS primary poster printables from

To download these free scripture posters, click HERE.
To download the free monthly theme posters, click HERE.
To download free cd covers and assignment wristbands, click HERE.

Don’t forget the matching theme posters, binder covers, and classroom door lists, found HERE.

You can also find some additional (totally fun but unnecessary) primary printables at my Etsy shop.

If you know anyone who could use these posters, or any of my other free printables, please send them the link or share them on any social media platform. Thanks! ♥

Grab these free 2017 LDS primary poster printables from


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25 thoughts on “Free 2017 Primary Poster Printables”

    1. Can not get these to open- they are perfect for a cherry bright Primary theme! Best wishes for sharing your your time and talents! Can you email?

  1. was able to print all that i needed, but couldn’t find the matching monthly theme posters, just the scripture ones. Did I miss them? Thanks

    btw, after looking at a lot of the available binder covers, posters, etc I went with your design because it matched what we are doing. Thanks

    1. Hi Sherri, I labeled the monthly scriptures as “theme posters,” and I realize that this is throwing a lot of people off. I should have titled it “monthly scripture posters,” because I realize that there is monthly theme as well, that is different from the scriptures. Sorry about the confusion. And I have some talk/scripture/etc. assignment wrist bands and cd covers coming soon. Hopefully this will help too! Thanks for your kind words! ♥

  2. I’m really excited to use your primary posters, etc. Thank you for creating these. This is the first time I have served in the primary presidency and need all the help I can get:) Do you by chance have a page with the same design but I could put the lesson schedule and church schedule for the back of the binder. Thank you again for your time and creativity.

  3. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THEM COMPLETELY FREE!!! CHRISSY! It is great. The money people spend downloading etsy files is outrageous, imagine all the church money they could save by coming here to your site.

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