Free Classroom Posters

These free posters are perfect for classrooms or as a teacher appreciation gift!

I was sad to learn that many of today’s teachers have little or no budget for decorating their classroom.

A few weeks ago, my sweet sister-in-law, Sarah, came to visit. She is a teacher and told me she was looking for creative and inexpensive ways decorate her classroom. When she told me what her official budget was, I was shocked at how little she had to work with. But I also knew I could design something for her that would be cute and relatively inexpensive to print. My goal was to help her decorate her room with fun and engaging art while making sure it didn’t cost too much.

When Sarah and I sat down to brainstorm, we realized that we wanted the posters to have bright colors and a hand-drawn look. We wanted it to look like a teacher sat down with magic markers and went to town with doodles and ink splatters. I am so happy with how the posters turned out!

My hope is hope is that you, or a teacher you know, can use these free posters to add color, fun, and inspiration to your classroom setting.

There are three posters in each set and they come in two sizes, 8.5×11 (standard paper size) and 16×20.

Click HERE to download the posters in size 8.5×11.

Click HERE to download the posters in size 16×20.

These free posters are perfect for classrooms, as teacher appreciation gifts, or anywhere you need some inspiration!

I would love to hear from you! What are your favorite classroom memories? Are you ready for school to start?

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