Free Easter Bag Topper

Free Easter Bag Toppers-Treat Toppers

Bag toppers can be a lifesaver if you want a quick way to dress up a treat. I love how colorful Easter candy is so it was not hard to design a printable that matched this fun color palette. All you have to do is print out the page, cut out the toppers, and then glue, tape, or staple them onto a sandwich or snack sized bag that is filled with your favorite treats or snacks.

Free Easter Bag Topper

I purposely left the back of these toppers blank, so you (or your kids) can write a quick little note to the recipient.  I think the personal touch is nice.

Free Treat Topper, Free Easter Printable

However, I must say that I don’t feel that printables are always necessary when giving out treats or expressing love and friendship. Right after we adopted our youngest, I was completely overwhelmed. One afternoon, a dear friend dropped by with a gallon size bag full of cookies. Those cookies were just what I needed. I knew my friend had been thinking of me and that she cared, and those cookies were heavenly. She didn’t put a bag topper on or send it with a cute tag, but it didn’t matter. I knew she was busy and just the fact she thought to bake me cookies and bring them to me was all the comfort I needed. So while I love the cuteness of printables and while I love designing them, I think you can give a thoughtful gift without them. Just sayin.

But by all means, please enjoy these printables. Just know that I think it’s okay to give ourselves permission to give gifts without printables and cards. When you have the time and energy, it’s fun and you should totally go for it. But when your life is crazy but you feel like you should take your friend a bag of cookies and don’t want to mess with printing and cutting and stapling, just take the cookies and know that it’s totally okay. Your friends will love and appreciate anything you give them. Guaranteed. ♥

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