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He Is Risen Free Easter Printable

I love Easter. It means it’s spring, which hopefully means nice weather. It means that Cadbury Mini Eggs are back. And at our house, it also means dyed eggs, egg hunts, and Easter baskets. I wanted to make a printable that celebrates this wonderful holiday.

Initially, I wanted to create a printable that was fun and stylish. I started using the traditional pastel colors but it was taking me so long to come up with anything I liked and I was unsatisfied with my design. Do you ever have that feeling while doing a project? That something is off? That’s how I felt. So I walked away from my computer and just thought about my print. I realized that my problem was that the print didn’t reflect the deeper feelings that Easter invokes. My original print seemed almost childish. While the egg hunts and chocolates are fun, there is so much more that I appreciate and love about Easter. For me, Easter represents hope, peace, life, and a sense of awe for the beauty and majesty of Christ and his resurrection. I wanted my print to reflect that.



So I went back to work and this is what I came up with. And I gotta say, I love it. And I have matching banner to go with it! I am giddy about how this combination turned out.

I hope you enjoy this print and that it brings peace and beauty to your space during this beautiful Easter season. ♥

Click HERE to download this 8×10 free printable. 

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I love photoshop, naps, and chocolate. I have an etsy shop where you can see some of the things I have created when I have been eating chocolate while playing on photoshop. As for the naps, I am always hoping one is around the corner. ♥

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