Free Father’s Day Cards

Free Fathers Day Cards

As a kid, my dad was my hero. He was so brave, and strong, and seemed invincible. He wasn’t afraid of the things I found so frightening, and I was awed by that. One of my vivid children memories involves my dad howling with coyotes. Nope, I am not kidding.

Because we had an outhouse instead of a bathroom, my dad would often walk me out to the outhouse and back at night. I hated the outhouse because it was stinky and I had to walk past our goats to get there. Goats have eyes that glow in the dark, and that really freaked me out. So between the goats with glowing eyes and my fear of encountering snakes, going to outhouse at night was not my favorite thing. Knowing my fears, my dad would walk with me. On clear nights while he waited for me to do my business, he would start howling like a coyote and the coyotes would actually howl back! My dad said they were having a conversation. As a kid, I thought they were wolves and I was afraid that they would come closer, but I also felt safe because I knew my dad was with me and wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me. (By the way, my dad tried to teach me how to “talk” with the coyotes and I was so bad it was laughable. We still joke about my “howls.” My dad is the real mountain man, and I am a city girl at heart.)

I always felt safe with my dad around and that’s how it should be with dads. They love, help, and protect. I designed one of the cards with my dad in mind. I want him to know that I think he’s great. But not everyone celebrates their birth father on Father’s Day. Sometimes the men in our lives who have been there for us and helped us are not our fathers. I wanted to make a card for those great men too. I was thinking of step dads, grandfathers, uncles, teachers, friends, and any other man who has influenced our lives or our children’s lives for good. So I made a generic sort of card for all those other men who deserve our love and thanks on Father’s Day, including husbands and significant others.

Father's Day Cards

The cards are size A2 (4.25×5.5) each and the download prints perfectly on 8.5×11 cardstock or paper. I also made a printable envelope template. Just print out the envelope, and follow the directions on the template. I also have pictures with step-by-step directions for the envelopes here. They come together so nicely, you may never need to buy an envelope again!I hope you can use these cards to share your love and appreciation this Father’s Day.

To download the free cards, click here:  Download Now

To download the free envelope template click here:  Download Now

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Free Fathers Day Cards

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