Free Father’s Day Printables

Free Father's Day gift tags

Father’s Day is almost here! I thought it would be fun to post a few gift ideas, just in case you are looking for some inspiration.

My husband loves peanuts, fry sauce, and candy bars (Kit Kats and Symphony bars are the fave around here). I made gift tags to go with my husband’s favorite things and turned them into a printable for you. While these tags fit perfectly with my husband’s favorite treats, they are versatile enough to fit a variety of gifts.

Free Father's Day Printables & Tags; the perfect way to add love and cuteness for Father's Day!

Fry sauce is available in almost every grocery story in Utah, but if your store doesn’t carry it, a favorite barbecue sauce or condiment would also be a perfect way to say that your father or significant other is “awesome sauce.” The candy bar wrappers come in two size, king size (for the Kit Kat) and giant size (perfect for the Symphony bar). But these wrappers will fit nearly every large candy bar. And the “I’m nuts about you” tag could go with a nutty candy bar (like Snickers), or even a cookie or treat with nuts. There are lots of possibilities with these tags!

And don’t forget a card! I have a free matching Father’s Day card here. 

To download the “I’m nuts about you,” and “You are awesome sauce,” tags, click here:  Download Now

To download the king size candy bar wrapper, click here:  Download Now

To download the giant size candy bar wrapper, click here:  Download Now

What are your favorite gifts to give your dad or significant other on Father’s Day? I would love to hear from you! ♥

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  1. Thank you for the great Father’s Day ideas!
    I love that they’re affordable and charming!
    Just what I was looking for!

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