Free Floral Banner

Free Floral Banner

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I have been designing this banner all week and I love how it turned out!
It’s so easy to put together. Just download and print the jpeg files. There are two pages, for a total of 6 unique banner flags.

I used a paper cutter to cut out the flags, to make sure that I had really straight lines. I also used my small hole punch to put holes on both sides of each flag, then I strung twine (jute) through the holes. Then it was just putting up the banner and enjoying my new spring decor.
Free Floral Watercolor Banner

If you want a longer banner, just print out more copies of the pages. It’s so cute and easy!
Free Floral Banner

I have a matching Easter print that goes perfectly with this banner that you can download for free here.  To print out the banner, just click on the red “Download Now” button below. Enjoy! ♥

Download Now

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  1. The banner and Easter print are gorgeous. It’s way past Easter but I’m going to put them up anyway! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!!

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