Free Graduation Cards

Free Congratulation Graduation Cards

I vividly remember the days I graduated from both high school and college. There were the mixed emotions of excitement, pride, and fear. I was proud of myself for doing something hard, and I hoped that awesomeness was coming my way because of this hard thing that I had just done, combined with total fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear that this amazing diploma just wasn’t good enough.

These free graduation cards are perfect for preschoolers to college grads! Get them today at!

Now, all these years later, whenever I see people graduate from anything, I just want to give them a high five and remind them that they are awesome and that they can continue doing hard things. And sometimes the best way to do that is with a card.

This is the time of year when graduation announcements start rolling in, and these cards will help you be ready to tell those amazing young adults in your life how awesome they truly are. And best of all, these cards are free. Just print them out, stick them in an envelope (or print out the envelope below), and stick it in the mail. It doesn’t get cheaper or easier than that. 🙂


And the “Congratulations” card is great for any time you want to tell someone that you are proud of them, whether for a new job, passing a hard test, or even having a baby. 🙂

I hope you can use these cards to tell the people around you how awesome they are! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these cards, or even better, share this link on social media! ♥

Click HERE to download these free graduation cards.
Click HERE to download the free envelope template.

You can find instructions on how to make the envelope in the post for Mother’s Day cards. 

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