Mother’s Day Cards (& Envelope Template!)

Free Mother's Day Cards plus envelope template!

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I love being a mother. But I admit that Mother’s Day has been a difficult holiday for me. For years my husband and I have struggled with infertility. Thanks to the miracles of adoption and modern medicine, I have three beautiful, amazing children. But the years before I had kids was rough, especially on Mother’s Day. In fact, if I hadn’t had responsibilities at church on Mother’s Day, I’m pretty sure I would have stayed home all day, curled up on the couch, binging on chocolate. (As it turns out, I did that anyway, I just did it after church. ☺)

Now that I am a mother, I still struggle with Mother’s Day. My heart breaks for all the dear women in my life who haven’t had the chance to have children yet. I also feel sadness for all those who hear the praises of great mothers on Mother’s Day, but don’t have a mother in their life that they can look up to or turn to in times of need.

Free Mother's Day Cards plus envelope template!

So rather than thinking of Mother’s Day as a celebration of mothers, I like to think of it as a celebration of women. We all know amazing, kind, loyal, and generous women who deserve recognition on Mother’s Day, whether they are mothers or not. I have a sister and a sister-in-law who don’t have children of their own, but have blessed my children’s lives in ways that are too numerous to list. There are also teachers, neighbors, and friends, who have reached out to us and touched our lives in small but significant ways. I am so grateful to all of them.

Free Mother's Day Cards plus envelope template!

I intentionally made these Mother’s Day cards in a generic way, so that they can be given or sent to any woman.  I hope you can use them for all the mothers and amazing women in your life.

Free Mother's Day Cards plus envelope template!


The cards are size A2 (4.25×5.5) and both fit perfectly on letter size paper. I also made a printable envelope template. Just print out the envelope, and follow the directions on the template.  (I used my paper cutter and scoring board, as shown below, to make sure my cards and envelopes looked really sharp!)

And if you want a great gift to go with your card, I have a free 8×10 Mother’s Day printable here that looks awesome in a frame.

Printable from

Click HERE to download these free Mother’s Day Cards.
Click HERE to download the envelope template.

Free Envelope Template

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful. Maybe I’ll direct my husband to your site for my Mother’s Day card. He writes me notes, but hates paying for cards. haha

  2. ha ha! of course you would also include an “how to” make an envelope. these are so cute, and such a great idea to celebrate women! and i am so happy those three beautiful girls call you mom. you are the best. ♥

  3. I knew you would have something perfect for my mom and mom-in-law! These are beautiful, thank you! And I love your words about being a mother. You are the very best kind of mom for your sweet girls 🙂

  4. I love your choice of flowers and the colors.
    Lilacs have been a long standing favorite of mine!
    These will be fun to share with my special mothers!

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