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When I was kid, my family would brag that I was so organized. It’s one of those things I was proud of growing up. And I truly believed I was organized. Until I married my husband. He takes organization to a whole new level.

My nightstand is tidy. His is meticulous. Everything is placed just so, and the contents never change. His car, his desk at work, his closet…they are so organized it’s amazing.

So when I started taking over the home office with this blog and my etsy shop, I expected him to be frustrated with my lists and sticky notes everywhere. And maybe he is, but the smart man hasn’t said a word. But I have said a lot, all under my breath. Complaints that I can’t remember which password goes for which site and why I can’t find that awesome quote I read last week?

I decided yesterday that I had to do something. I have seen these password tracker lists around, but I wanted a cute one. One that I can hang up behind my computer and smile when I see it, all the while it keeps me efficient and best of all, organized. My husband loves it too, he just hasn’t mentioned it yet. 😉

Free Password Tracker Printable

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Author: Chrissy

I love photoshop, naps, and chocolate. I have an etsy shop where you can see some of the things I have created when I have been eating chocolate while playing on photoshop. As for the naps, I am always hoping one is around the corner. ♥

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