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Traveling with young kids is not for the faint of heart. Whenever I see parents traveling with small kids at airports or at travel centers, I want to give them a hug and a piece of dark chocolate. I know from experience that it can be challenging. We moved across the country last year and our youngest, who was three at the time, cried the entire trip. No kidding, the entire trip. My mom was driving with us and she was amazed that a kid could cry that much without falling asleep or tiring out. But I wasn’t surprised, because my youngest is tenacious when it comes to things like getting out of her seat-belt after an hour of traveling.

But hopefully your kids don’t cry in the car or on the plane. Hopefully they are content to look out the window during long trips or color quietly in their seats. But if not, I give you my complete sympathy and an I Spy Travel Game. Because friends help friends.


This game is a lot of fun. I use my laminator to quickly laminate these games, and then we use them over and over. My girls have been enjoyed playing it here at home but I designed it with the traveling child in mind. But like all my I Spy printable games, they also work great at church, doctor’s waiting rooms, or anywhere else you want to keep the kids happy. And of course, the answer key is included.

To download this free printable game, click here:  Download Now

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Are you traveling this summer with young kids? I would love to hear from you! Let a comment and let me know your best strategy for helping kids cope with long car or plane rides.

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This post contains an affiliate link for the laminator. This is a newer model of the laminator that I use and love, but feel free to shop around for the best deal. Thank you for your support!
This free I Spy Travel printable game is perfect for keeping little people busy in the car, on road trips, in airports, or on the plane! But they are also great for quiet afternoons at home. www.TeepeeGirl.com

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  1. Hello! I found these online and would love to print them. For some reason, I can download but I can’t print. Is there a way to receive a printable version? We are traveling next week and my daughter would LOVE these (well…me too 🙂

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