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My mom loves lilacs. I remember going for evening walks with her as a kid, and we would always stop by the lilac trees in bloom and admire them. She loves anything lilac scented, and when you ask her favorite flower, she doesn’t hesitate to say “lilacs.” Whenever I see lilacs, I think of her.

I wanted to make a printable for Mother’s Day that reflected her and my love for her. Lilacs were the obvious choice. And since they are beautiful and in season for Mother’s Day, it seems perfect.

And since these lilacs match the lilacs on the Mother’s Day cards, they are a perfect combination. I am planning on giving my mom this 8×10 printable in a cute, inexpensive frame, with the matching lilac card, a bag of her favorite chocolates, and a gift card. It’s simple, easy, and perfect.

To download the printable, click here:  Download Now

Free Mother's Day Printable

Free Mother's Day Printable

Author: Chrissy

I love photoshop, naps, and chocolate. I have an etsy shop where you can see some of the things I have created when I have been eating chocolate while playing on photoshop. As for the naps, I am always hoping one is around the corner. ♥

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