Free Easter Bag Topper

Bag toppers can be a lifesaver if you want a quick way to dress up a treat. I love how colorful Easter candy is so it was not hard to design a printable that matched this fun color palette. All you have to do is print out the page, cut out the toppers, and then glue, tape, or staple them onto a sandwich or snack sized bag that is filled with your favorite treats or snacks.
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Free Floral Banner

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I have been designing this banner all week and I love how it turned out!
It’s so easy to put together. Just download and print the jpeg files. There are two pages, for a total of 6 unique banner flags.

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Banana Balls

I love quick, fun treats. Who doesn’t, right? What makes these treats so delightful is that they are colorful, easy-peasy, and they are made with bananas, so they can also count as a health food (wink, wink). And kids love to help make these little confections. It’s awesomeness, I tell you.

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Thick & Chewy Shamrock Rice Krispy Treats

My husband loves rice krispie treats.  He often drops hints like, “Gee, honey, you know what I could go for? A rice krispie treat.” You know, real subtle-like . And being the loving wife that I am, I have tried. Really, I have. I have followed the recipes on the back of cereal and marshmallow wrappers but was left totally unimpressed. The rice krispies came out thin and weren’t really anything to write home about.

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Don’t Eat Pete-Shamrock Version

We love the game “Don’t Eat Pete.” I think it’s fun because it’s simple and it keeps my kids busy. My kids think it’s fun because they get to eat treats. My girls can play it by themselves and that’s glorious. So it’s a win-win sort of game.

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Microwave Caramel Popcorn

When I set off for my freshmen year of college, I was so excited to leave our small town in Nebraska. I felt sure that adventure and romance was finally coming my way. I just knew I would leave home and find awesomeness. In reality, what I found was a lot of homework and unexpected homesickness. I didn’t expect to miss home so much!

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Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable

To be honest, I have not always been a huge fan of St. Patrick’s day. Before I had kids, I wondered why people got excited about a day where people pinch each other. But my mother-in-law has Irish ancestors and loves Ireland. When kids joined our family, my sweet mother-in-law turned St. Patty’s day into a holiday.  She gives my girls packages of green necklaces, gold coins, green bubbles, and Lucky Charms cereal. My girls love it, of course, and now think that St. Patrick’s day is ranked up there with Valentine’s day and Halloween. They want decorations and treats. They pick out their green shirts in advance, and get excited about eating Lucky Charms all day.

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