Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag Printable

Teacher Appreciation Gift: We have enjoyed the fruits of your labors

Before we adopted our oldest daughter, I worked as a teacher’s aid in our local school district. I was amazed at how much was expected of teachers. Not only is there the actual work and skills that need to be taught in an engaging way, there is so much behind-the-scenes work. I realized that teachers often did not get the recognition or gratitude they deserved. Since then, teachers have become heroes in my book.

For teacher appreciation week, I usually end up giving chocolate in some form or another. I love it when gifts are functional and pretty, and what’s more pretty or functional than chocolate? But this year, the PTA sent home a letter letting me know that the theme for this year’s gift was “We have enjoyed the fruits of your labor all year long.”

I love that they gave me a theme and made it so easy. I made a printable tag to go with this theme that is very versatile. This tag can be used to decorate fresh or dried fruit, as I did here. Or it can be used with fruity candy or a gift card for a fruit basket. There are so many possibilities here.

Teacher Appreciation Gift: We have enjoyed the fruits of your labors

While this gift was made for my kids’ teachers, I thought it would also make a fun gift for a coach, church teacher, boss, secretary, or anyone else who deserves a thank you. Enjoy! ♥

To download the printable tags, click here:   Download Now

Teacher Appreciation Printable Tag

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